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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FROM DIRT to THE KITCHEN TABLE - Dalla Terra alla Tavola


"People are becoming more and more concerned with what they're eating–as well they should," says Chuck Eggert, CEO of Pacific Foods, a company committed to sustainable agriculture. . "I think we're just on the beginning edges of a huge nutritional transformation." I agree.
Be part of this “nutritional transformation” by growing your own vegetables.  Not enough space for a vegetable garden like mine?  No problem.  Consider growing vegetables in containers.  Nearly any type of vegetable can be grown in pots.  From lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and beans.  Cucumbers also thrive in containers, especially the compact varieties.

Tomato plant and cabbage

Why not try a few containers and join the sustainable food revolution.  Once you eat the fresh vegetables straight from the garden, you’ll agree that there is nothing quite as sweet as home-grown veggies.
First tomato
Crisp lettuce
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