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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our First Crops of the Year - La Prima Raccolta Nostra dell'Anno

Yes, today we harvested our first crop of lettuce

Romaine and Escarole
Chicory (Cicoria)

  ....and string beans.  These beans are so firm that they snap in half, not bend.
Try string beans with mint and garlic
....and onions

Last year, I offered garden lettuce to few friends.  They refused it.  The reason being - it takes too long to clean.  (Now, we know why convenience has become a gigantic selling point in the US).
Cleaning garden lettuce is a little tedious but not difficult.

For full heads, like romaine, I cut the head well above the soil level.  I then twist or cut off the lettuce head and separate the leaves.  Place them in a large plastic tub or sink and let them sit for a while.  The dirt and sand sink to the bottom.  Do a few changes of water.  You may also run cool water slowly and rinse each leaf.  Place the leaves in paper towels and roll gently. 

Tuna salad
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