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Benvenuti nel mio mondo - un mischio di passione, gusto e vecchie tradizioni.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Add Color to Your Life

I personally garden for two reasons - to be creative and to bring color in my life. 

Color is personal.  I am very conservative when I choose my clothes but very bold when it comes to my garden.  I believe the colors of my garden are a reflection of who I am.

I am happy sitting on one of many benches in the midst of a mass of colorful blooming companions.  I use plants like paints to create a work of art.

Here is how I do it.

  • I only use color as a focal point by perfectly placing a striking plant in the middle of muted greens .

  • I love bold colors to create excitement and vitality to the garden.

  • I love warm yellows and oranges mixed with blue and purple.

  • Use the color of foliage to enhance the garden and give color when plants are not blooming.

Different colors of hostas