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Thursday, April 19, 2012

PIZZA NIGHT...any day of the week


We have no specific night because pizza night in our house is the homemade kind -

We like our pizza thin and crispy and a good crust starts with a slow rising dough.  Yes, it requires time, therefore planning ahead is key.  I mix the dough in the morning, let it rise and use it in late afternoon.

Prep time

Dough doubled in size


We like different toppings

Dough topped with roasted peppers, garlic, parsley and olive oil

and different shapes.

Oblong, round, rolled

Focaccia topped with garlic and anchovies

Pizze fritte
All photos - Copyright - ©2012 - La Casa e Il Giardino

Layered pizza filled with roasted peppers

As you can see, my type of pizzas cannot be delivered. 


  1. Do you think you could post or send me your recipe for the pizza dough? Thanks!!! <3

    1. Thank you for stopping and commenting.
      Frankly, I do not know the exact dosage as I do everything by eye and feel. I do use fresh yeast that I buy from a bakery, lukewarm tap water, unbleached flour and a pinch of salt.