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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Saving Seeds

Every year, at the end of each harvest, we save some of our own seeds.  It’s not only a great sustainable gardening technique but it also saves money.  Our reason though is to have the seeds in time for indoor planting and outdoor sewing come next season. 

What seeds we save?
Corona Beans
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La Casa e Il Giardino 

Allow pods to dry brown before harvesting, about six weeks after eating stage. If frost threatens, pull entire plant, root first, and hang in cool, dry location until pods are brown. The pods can be opened by hand.


We use the dry method to process pepper seeds. Cut the bottom off the fruit and carefully reach in to strip the seeds surrounding central cone.  Seeds need no further cleaning.  Allow to the seeds to dry and save.


From our garden, we choose tomatoes from the very healthiest plants.

Slice the tomato in half across the middle.  With a spoon, scoop out the seeds and their gelatin-like substance and place into a kitchen sieve and rinse them. Place the rinsed seeds on wax paper or paper towel.  Spread them in a single layer allowing the seeds to dry for at a least a week stirring them occasionally.

All seeds should be labeled.  While many like to store seeds in plastic bags, we prefer small, air-tight, glass jars. 

What seeds are you saving?