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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Art of Womanhood

      Even in this digital age, I believe that having some hand skills is very relevant.

     When I see many women not knowing how to sew a button, cook a meal with fresh ingredients or bake a cake from scratch, it worries me. Many women I know shop as some form of therapy, for gratification and for simply having something to do.  Having hand skills beats loneliness and the feeling of uselessness especially in retirement.

    Thanks to the skills I learned from my mother, today not only do I know how to stay hyper-connected, but I know how to cook, sew, butcher, garden and anything in between. Creating something, whether it’s making pottery, knitting, sewing or cooking, gives anyone a sense of pride. 

Hand-stitched, wine-themed kitchen towels

Kitchen towels in eco-friendly packaging

Hand-stitched giftcard packaging

Decorated Jute Bag

“Work with your brain... you're a thinker. Work with your hands, you're a craftsman. Work with your brain and your hands together and you can become an artisan."