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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GLORIOUS GRASS - Adds drama and dimension to your garden.

Ornamental grasses can change the face of the landscape and they look great all year long. I love how some decorative grasses develop into graceful, weeping mounds of thin blades that wave in the summer breeze.

Some grasses form tidy clumps, while others spread. Large varieties make great privacy screens or stand alone.
Smaller grass used for border
Smaller grasses are ideal for borders, ground cover and rock gardens.

Colored or variegated types provide interesting contrast.

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Tall, columnar grasses make an attractive backdrop for shorter annuals and perennial flowers.

Rock garden - work in progress - 2nd year

As flowers fade and die, lush mounds of grass remain attractive.

Caring for grasses
Best time to plant ornamental grasses are in the spring.
Most ornamental grasses do not need fertilizing.
Divide ornamental grasses before overcrowding chokes out the center of its clump. Divide cool-season grasses every two years.