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Thursday, March 24, 2011

PASTA…. Embrace whole wheat

For decades nutritionists have been singing the praises of whole-wheat pasta but let’s face it, most people do not like it.

Home-made Wholewheat Sagnette with Onion Sauce and Peperoncino
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While whole-wheat pasta has a long way to go before overtaking the competition, it is making headways, thanks to a new generation of products that show a major leap in quality.

There are a lot to choose from. In the last few years, the whole-grain pasta offerings on supermarket shelves have expanded. Where there used to be one or two, there are now up to a dozen. There’s everything from mass-market brands like Bionaturae, Severino and Rusticella d'Abruzzo at Whole Foods around $3.50 a pound to artisanal pastas made from ancient wheat like farro and spelt rustically packaged, selling around $10 a pound at Eataly.

Whole-wheat dough

Why not make whole-wheat pasta at home?
It's delicious and cost effective.