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Friday, March 11, 2016

It's Time to Bring Shrubs Back to Life

YES,  now it's the ideal time to prune shrubs and trees.

Snow weighed heavily on our trees

Pruning in late winter, just before spring growth starts, leaves fresh wounds exposed for only a short length of time before new growth begins the wound sealing process. Another advantage of dormant pruning is that it’s easier to make pruning decisions without leaves obscuring plant branch structure.

In general, a shrub that blooms prior to the Fourth of July should be pruned as soon as it finishes flowering to prevent losing next year's blooms.  However, since it is easier to see the plants' structure this time of the year before leafing out, it may benefit the shrub to do some pruning and sacrificing few blooms. 
Be careful, not to over-prune.


This is also the best time to prune summer-flowering shrubs.

Now, it's also a good time to reshape the evergreens.

Since fertilizing can be tricky, a slow-release fertilizer is recommended.

During the summer months, mulching with organic materials is the best one can do for the shrubs and trees.  Organic material breaks down and improves the soil structure, add nutrients and improves root development.

When autumn rolls around, some shrubs and trees should be tied and protected with burlap.  This helps prevent snow buildup and wind damage.


  1. funny you mention that. Tomorrow I am having my son and a friend over to finish pruning my fig tree. I'm tired of only the starlings getting my best figs..

  2. Last year, my husband cut back the fig tree because it was getting too tall to wrap in late fall. This past summer the figs were bountiful and larger. I just love to pick figs.