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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HOT PEPPERS - Grow a Few and Heat Things up in the Kitchen

              I cannot imagine my kitchen
                      without hot peppers.

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My turkey burgers would be bland
without the zing of hot peppers.


           Would my pasta and peas dish have the peppery taste without the red liquid gold?

What would a Pancetta be
without hot pepper flakes?

              Or my antipasto without peperoncini
              in vinegar (sotto ceto)?

Today you can find a rainbow of peppers in a variety of shapes and sizes at any farmers’ market. Supermarkets carry such standards as Jalapeno an Serrano peppers all-year round.

Our source of peppers is our home garden and March is the perfect month to sow seeds indoors for summer harvest.

Seeds from Italy

Growing chiles whether you like the burn of bird peppers or a slight sizzle of the poblanos, hot peppers make delicious additions to gardens. We grow our own plants from seeds, beginning indoors, eight weeks before the last frost. Seeds should germinate in seven to fifteen days. Transplant into garden when nighttime temperatures are consistently above fifty-five degrees and in full sun.

Our garden

Avoid over- watering by spreading mulch over roots.
 A low nitrogen fertilizer should be applied every three weeks.

Start planting and this summer enjoy some food with firepower.