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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Making of a Great Beef Braciole - Braciola di Manzo

In my opinion, there is only one meat for the real braciole, and it's a cutlet of beef chuck tenderized by a few smashes from a meat pounder.

Boneless chuck and chopped parsley, garlic, red and green peppers and few pieces of cheese

Salt and pepper meat, place chopped herbs and cheese over meat

The greatness of the braciole lies in its filling. You'll find people recommending pine nuts, raisins, etc.  I prefer an herbal filling.

Roll and tie meat with butcher's string

Brown the braciole in a very tiny bit of oil until it's golden to dark brown all around. At this point, you're ready to fully cover it in a pot of sauce that should simmer for at least 2 hours.

Put the browned, scrumptious beef roll into a marinara sauce. Once the sauce has simmered for several hours and taken on the flavour of the dark caramelized onions and braciole filling, you will be a Braciolista for life.

Images: ©2010 - picasaweb