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Monday, August 23, 2010

Under the PERGOLA - Sotto la Pergola

For my parents and many Italian immigrants, dining al fresco meant home-made pizzas, home-made wine and long chats under the shade of a pergola (a practical and affordable garden structure).

Family and Friends Easter 1974

Dining al fresco, also meant whole families gathering under the pergola in the summer to enjoy a meal and on occasion reaching upward for a bunch of plumb grapes for dessert.

Entertaining Italian Relatives 1981

This pergola  was built by my father in 1965.  It was built with old scrap tubing which he carried home piece by piece since he did not drive.

Today, the simple charcoal grill on the patio or the shade created by a hand-made pergola is no longer enough to provide the entertaining atmosphere some of us are looking for.  Now-a-days people are looking for that WOW factor that can not be found with the styles of the past.

Charcoal grills

Today, dining al fresco has translated into furnishings that create outdoor living spaces. Our backyards have become kitchens, fire pits for kids to toast marshmallows and eating areas with cushioned chairs and mosquito-zapping lamps.

WOW outdoor spaces

My parents' Pergola

Today, my parents are gone to a better place but their pergola lives on quietly but full of memories.

Will these WOW, outdoor spaces create memories that warm the heart?

Dialect Abruzzese for Under the Pergola is Sotto la Capanna. 
I invite to listen to the music of  N'duccio" called "Sotto La Capanna" on YouTube